Thursday, January 13, 2011

Safety first

The bridge one has to cross to get to work is closed, and to get round it means bussing and training it to work. Unfortunately as this is the late shift it means one is going to have to be at a not very safe station latish at night, and there is no guarantee that the trains will be still be running. So one did the sensible thing and phoned work to say one wouldn’t be joining them. Sometimes the smart thing is to stay at home... you will notice one said smart not safe, ‘cos as it turned out it wasn’t.

As one has mentioned before our bathroom is miniscule. The toilet is between the glass shower wall and the wall and though snug, it is a more than adequate space as the glass prevents any sense of claustrophobia. So we are watching a TV show and one is dying to pee, but the story was at a good spot so when a break came on one asked to use the bathroom. He said yes, but hurry I need to pee as well. Scampering off with dancing visions of using the facilities, one had no inkling of what was to come.

No sooner had one settled on the seat than He appeared blocking the exit. Move back He said. Um don’t think there is room for both of us one said dubiously, while obligingly spreading ones thighs and scooting back until hitting the cistern. Oh there’s room He said. The tone made one look up from the penis eye view one was enjoying.

At that moment He started to pee; washing one small, unsuspecting slave’s thighs, breasts and cunt with an unrelenting stream of warm urine that splattered over arms and neck. Might one add He was a lousy shot... very little of it went in the hole one had made, other than runoff. He finished, shook himself and washed his hands and obligingly turned on the shower as He left. Leaving one to dab franticly with paper and wish one had just peed in the bowl.

Later back in bed, showered for the second time, as He is getting ready to sleep He says masturbate for me. As one floats higher and higher He growls come for me, but one is too high to come back. Grabbing a breast in a vice like grip He applies more and more pressure until the orgasm if forced out of one in a long, continual keening sound. He hauls one onto his erection as one is still coming, each thrust rubbing along the butt plug and banging against the bruising from the speculum.

The pain trips another small orgasm which makes the muscles contract and causes more pain. And the body is caught in a loop of pain and orgasm until He finally stops, after giving one last thrust for the sheer joy of making one cry out. Crawling off one grabs a sheet, snuggles into pillows and floats off for deep post coital snooze. Definitely beats working J

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Claire said...

Caveat: Never done watersports...

But... still... hawt!


Ms D