Sunday, January 30, 2011

He’s baaack

Sunday is a time of little rituals; gym after work, pizza and Him. It is our catch up evening before we transition smoothly cough into our weekend. Obviously feeling better He says I need to cum in your arse. Now being a pedant one questioned the word need... all to no avail might one add. So off to get the lube one scampered... which is where the discussion had come to an end really because He countered that one didn’t need lube. The trouble with Scorpios is that they like trump cards and will pull them to win a debate L

Arse up in the air He started to slide the head in. Tell me how much you want it He growled. To which one dutifully replied. Have you missed me? Yes Master. What are you? Your arse slut Master. He slid into his balls and back out, stretching the arse to accommodate his girth before starting to fuck it in earnest. Beg for it he said, while gaining speed and thrust. And one did beg fervently for him to use it and come... and meant it... because that first time for the week always hurts despite the butt plug. Sometimes it is better to suck it up and just do it...

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