Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Well it is really and truly over here. People have let off the last of their illegal fireworks and staggered home from the last drunken party for the year. Of course as a New Year wish one hoped they would learn to do it quietly... no such luck. One awoke to a repetitive crashing sound and stumbled to the door to see what the hell it was.

There was one of the locals at their finest. Our median strip is a row of Golden Cane Palms... yes terribly sub-tropical isn’t it. And there he is, so drunk he is falling into them. Repeatedly. Well until he fell over completely, whereupon he lay like an upturned bug, appendages waving feebly in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs that he couldn’t feel his legs.

A state he maintained until his two drunken friends picked him up and carried him further down the street. As the sound of crashing resumed in the distance, one shut the door firmly and went back to bed and sleep. Secure in the knowledge that even interrupted sleep wouldn’t produce a head as bad as his would be in the morning. And on that note, may one wish that all your hangovers are less than they should be, and that you have a happy and safe New Year.

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