Thursday, January 27, 2011


The fucker!

The sound of coughing woke one in the wee small hours of the morning. It is to be expected with someone sick... except it was the sound of oneself doing it. And there is a temperature. After the Christmas incident this is the last thing one needs or wants... ‘cos that is where this will head, straight to the chest. Whines was just getting on top of the fitness pile L

He of course, after being mildly apologetic, suggested that this was all one’s own doing. Blink! Yes, if you had worn the nurse’s costume like you promised... Hello was delirious at the time and it seemed like the only way to get fed. You can’t hold one small, out of her mind with fever, slave to a promise gained under duress like that... He smiled. There is a lot of evidence that nurses don’t get as sick as other people. It is just as likely that the uniform provides them with that protection. And if you had just worn it... who knows? You might not be sick now.

Contemplating the distance and the availability of a suitably heavy object one stood there. See this could also be your punishment He pontificated. This could be your body reacting to all the negativity and hostility you have been directing at me. Leaving the study one made a time honoured gesture, conveying what one thought of that theory. See that is what I mean about hostility He replied. If you had just worn the costume rather than planning a coup... who knows?

Again one saluted, though it was at a slightly different angle, and said that the only thing one knew for sure was that He had carried in an infection, like a rodent traipsing through London.  Then He trapped one in the bedroom at night, with the air-con on full bore, while incubating the damn thing. And now, to add insult to injury, He was blaming the victim.



xantu said...

awww... sorry about the germ... but the idea of the nurse's costume is kinda hawt.

Master's piece said...

Now that we have speed back one can finally reply to your compassionate support. He thinks it might be good if one spent more time in it... The only things saving one small slave at the moment is that it is too hot to wear anything :(