Saturday, January 15, 2011


At the moment one has the opening volley of what is probably going to be a three day migraine. It is the dreaded “period” migraine and the body’s way of letting one know just who is in charge. And for the moment, it ain’t Him. May one just take a moment to say that He is a fair and just Master and one really should stop muttering “All Hail Glorious Satan”* when He walks in a room.

See everything is relative beams

*TM Little Linnet; on a board far, far away.


lil said...

Nothing like the joys of relativity.
Migraines are a bitch. Hope you feel better soon. Three days sounds like way to long to live with a migraine.

Master's piece said...

Oh the medication gets rid of them in about three hours normally. Just occasionally you get one that starts on the occipital lobe and they are horrid. About 8 hours till you can stand and then they sort of go leaving you feeling slightly hyper, but able to feel them circling around. Then off you go again, though not as bad, for about three days in total. The trouble is that you can't take more than two tablets and most of the pain relief gives one side effects that are almost as bad :(