Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The message of support and solidarity

If you are one of the owner types then this is invisible to you...

OK N is in charge of the insurrection and his code name is pixie cat... it seems innocent enough that no one will suspect him.

We await a message from our leader...

Update: It has been five hours since anyone has heard from him... um pixie cat are you OK?

Update: It is with a sad heart that one reports pixie cat was last seen under a swarm of fellow slaves. Bribed by his owner with the promise of shoes, to be bought with the proceeds from the sale of his beloved Ducati, they went mad with the smell of leather in their nostrils.

It is a sad day for insurrections every where.

RIP pixie cat


Dina said...

"If you are one of the owner types then this is invisible to you..."

"These are not the droids you are looking for..." ~snort~

Tiara's boy said...

I am not dead just very sore...pixie cat

MsSparkles said...

Gosh this blog-entry is blank. How odd.

Has anyone seen my slave? One minute he was making my tea, then next he shouted "I AM SPARTACUS!" and started talking about how he loved some chick called Cati now & they were off on a mission.

I can only conclude he has PMT. Bless.