Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Masochism in action

So at the crack of dawn... literally... one crawled out of bed... also literally.... scarfed some coffee and porridge and committed the ultimate act of masochism. That’s right people, one caught an early bus and went to the gym. Now being sensible the plan was to just do a bit of the work out; a couple of sets of each exercise on the program. That way one could ease back into it without having to drop the weights.

And to be honest that was all one did. The only problem was the last sets of tilt ups, they are like a crunch done on an exercise ball. Mid way through them one realised that a strange phenomena was going on... the alien feeling of wanting to throw up. See not all of us have that reflux muscle that seems to work so well. There is no ability to burp and to throw up requires serious food poisoning.

Every day brings new experiences... this is what it feels like to exercise until you want to puke. It’s not good for the record L

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