Thursday, March 3, 2011


Service is one of those things that are often provided in these relationships... they are one of the perks of having a slave really. Of course those services are not always as glamorous as you might hope nor even sexual... which is a shame. A shining example of the type of service one gets to provide that is neither and so far from what people fantasise about was performed the other night. Sticking tiny fleur-de-lis onto poker chips to be used for a RPG game... a job that could not be morphed into gratifying in any way shape or form might one add.

In addition to services that are asked for are anticipatory services (for example where you might get a drink for them without asking). Now some people love anticipatory service and others see it as a fine line between service and a slave imposing their will on an owner. To each their own, but for one personally the second type is one of those things that can slip into a third category without any real effort. The third type is what one thinks of as pre-emptive service.

These are the type of services that you do that have never been discussed because they don’t think of it and you know what you are doing. Thousands of tiny jobs are done on this basis, but an incident this morning did provide a wonderful insight into why it is such a slippery slope... albeit with funny results in this case. It involved a load of washing accidently left in the machine... a load of strong colours... reds, pinks and one orange shirt. It could have been a recipe for laundry disaster, but in this case it was something else again.

Upon finding them they were hauled out and put on the pack porch line which is under the roof. The bright orange shirt, which is His favourite shirt, was carefully hung inside out and behind other items to protect it from the light. A job one always does this way because in this climate bright orange fares almost as well as black if left out on an outside line... about 8-10 washes. If it doesn’t get bleached it will rot from the UV... and it’s His favourite shirt J

It was at that moment He came out the back door and actually noticed what one was doing... domestic He ain’t so one was surprised. You hang that inside out He enquired. Well yes otherwise it will fade. It’s supposed to. Apparently He bought the shirt at Universal Studios because it was the shirt worn in Heroes... a faded one that was an inside joke as the show was filmed there. It seems all this time He was wearing it, not because it was a particular favourite, but in the hopes that it would fade. He had been amazed by how resistant the dye was...

Who the hell notices a shirt worn in a show and actually manages to find it? Oh right geek, geek, geek, geek...

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I probably shouldn't be laughing this hard, but I am.