Monday, January 17, 2011


This is how our bay currently looks after the floods. The colour is from the dirt and silt that has flowed out of the river into the sea. This stretch is normally the dark azure blue of deep water and this section is predominantly used for boating and surf skis... it has boating ramps and no beach at this part as it was man made for this purpose.


xantu said...

You know, as I see the images of flooding on my TV news shows, I think of you and wonder what the impact this is having upon you. Closed Micky Dees and turbid bays are reassuring. Keep your feet dry.

Master's piece said...

We have been fortunate beyond belief. There are people who have lost everything, and most don't have insurance as they were not covered for this type of event. It seems the insurance companies were very precise with their flood definitions... and they have said flat out that they do not intend to come to the party :(