Friday, December 31, 2010

Back in the saddle

It had to be done. So today when He was due to go to bed one suggested He might like to bring the lube with him. He looked from around his computer screens and said do you think that is wise. Oh yes one affirmed, this is going to hurt like a bitch as it is. Definitely want lube. Then come and get it He said holding it out invitingly.

Now while one might be feeling masochistic one was definitely not feeling suicidal... one had no desire to get within such easy reach. Oh bring it with you, one said airily while going in the opposite direction. If you want it, you come here and get it. Damn caught between two forms of common sense. In the end the desire not to bleed won out and one skipped in and grabbed the lube in one quick dancing motion. He smiled.

Are you sure you want to do this He enquired again. No one muttered, but it has to be done. See with all this illness there has been no butt plug keeping things open and this was going to hurt. Even with the most gentle of handling. So taking the lube one went to bed feeling a little apprehensive... with a small pinch of martyr thrown in.

Touch yourself He says hopping into bed. Oh goody this was going to go the easy route... that right there was an erroneous thought in case you hadn’t guessed it. As the body started to scamper along the endorphin trail, one applied a generous serve of lube and assumed an arse up position. He slipped in and one whined like a noisy bitch... one with a good command of off coloured language.

Bite the pillow He said and as one did, He slapped hard and slipped in a bit further, sinking up to his balls in a matter of seconds. Being slapped like that has a peculiar effect on the body. It is like it can only concentrate on one pain source at a time and each slap distracted it from the pain that was going on in the arse. In the end it read it as alternating fiery pain from the slaps and a deep wrenching pain in the arse as it was forced open.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of breast, while giving the nipple a sharp tweak as one emitted stifled, muffled sounds into the pillow. Come for me He said, as He slammed harder into the body all the while slapping, pinching and twisting. We came together, one of us buried deep inside while the other screamed into the pillow. Bet only one of us was thinking this is going to hurt though...


xantu said...

MMM... hawt. Just simply hawt. Glad to see you are feeling better.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

King of Clubs said...

Ah yes, the traditional New Year's butt fucking. :-) Happy New Year!

Master's piece said...

Well they say you should start as you mean to go on... ;)

William said...

That was incredibly hot!!!
What a great slave to take that knowing it was going to kurt so much. I bet he was very proud of you.