Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty is a state of mind

Having five minutes one finally got around to making some practical phone calls to the doctors and the hospital... thought it was time to see what the waiting list was like for that foot. You can imagine the joy at being told that it will be about another 18 months. This time frame is somewhat different to the six months that the doctor said. So here we are... stuck in ugly shoes for probably another two years.

Now the old incarnation of one small slave would have rejoiced... unlimited jeans and sports shoes. The new one is struggling with feelings of being frumpy and unattractive when wearing those things. And it sort of crept up too... damn Him and his sneaky rewiring. Peeking in the wardrobe there are all these lovely dresses and skirts and shoes and boots... all unrelentingly girly... and none of them can be worn.

There is this little section of tops and bottoms... and one is confined there like a child in a playpen...  held hostage by that damn foot and its need for sports shoes with room for orthotics. And none of them make His eyes light up, any more than one's own do when peering resentfully in the mirror. At this rate one may as well have a massive clean out. By the time one gets back into any of this stuff it will be so unfashionable that one will actually be frumpy L


littlemonkey said...

I'm so sorry piece. I'd gladly pay the shipping to get those problematic, soon to be frumpy shoes out of your hair.

A helpful little monkey ;D

Master's piece said...

Well, that will depend on what size you are won't it you sneaky... err... helpful little monkey :D

littlemonkey said...