Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dazed and forgetful

Finishing breakfast He turned around and went right, to the bedroom for a quickie. Love to, but really don't have time... one of us has to go to work. Your haircut took a little longer than anticipated and breakfast ran a little late because of it. He lunged and one gracefully side stepped into the bathroom. Yeah not the most sensible choice in hindsight...

Pinned up against the wall, back arched over his bent arm, He nibbled ones neck while raiding the nether regions until one came. Stretched up on tippy toes, one knee raised and one arm outstretched with a finger hooked in the shower cap hanging from the wall... we looked like the painting of the Nymph and Satyr if you are of classical persuasion... albeit a modern twist.

I'll see you when you've had a shower. How fast can you cum one enquired sweetly. We're about to find out He retorted.

Entering the bedroom one crawled over the bed to Him. Stroke it... suck it... and a hand reached out in a vice like grip of a nipple. As one's head came up and off his dick to register a yelp of complaint... He obviously couldn't hear one's muffled whimpering objections... He said now climb on it. And with a vicious thrust He forced his way up into a wet, but not quite ready cunt.

Keeping hold of one by the nipple and a the other hand clamped on a thigh, He thrust in repeatedly until we both came in a loud shuddering orgasm that left one shaken and confused. Snuggling into his doona He chirped off you go... you don't want to be late for work. Leaving one to stumble around and forget things, be unable to find others and to drop more than a few.



SBF said...

Sounds like a great morning to me, lol!

littlemonkey said...

Well, if have to be late, nipple pinching, cock riding sex would be a good reason.

You were dropping things? Sounds like it was a VERY good reason :D