Monday, August 20, 2012

A gift to remember

It all started as a joke many years ago...
At the time Swarovski had opened one of its first shops in Brisbane and we had never seen such gaudy uselessness in all our lives. Brightly coloured animals, useless nic nacs, hideous jewellery and bizarrely tasteless home decorating items winked from behind enormous glass windows. For a long time it was a standing joke between the ex and one small (and at the time) not a slave that we would be nice or else Christmas gifts would be purchased from there... 'cos two lesbians needed Swarovski crystal like... well there probably isn't a suitably derogatory comment for here. Well that pact lasted until she was dying and they released a wonderful Mickey Mouse (she was a huge fan) series and one bought her a key ring from the range. Well everyone should have one gift from there before they die J

Anyway we are sitting on the couch and He turned around and said it's our 15th anniversary coming up and guess what it is?
No idea one replied, desperately trying to work out when our anniversary is... yeah still haven't quite nailed that stuff down, though there is a hazy notion that it is in October.
Its crystal and I thought I might buy you something from Swarovski to commemorate it He said, laughter dancing around his whiskers.
Oh? You know they do some quite nice stuff these days? Not cheap, but a long way from the hideousness that they used to make.
His face fell, well that's no fun.
Oh it will be, just let one go look at their catalogue...

No, gone quite off the idea. I will have to find something else He said.
Well it had better not be another jewelled butt plug.
Well the modern equivalency is glass He parried.
And one of those glass ones with the jewel in the end is not a compromise. Just once it would be nice to have a present that can be shared with people. Other than on the blog, one hastened to add.
Oh that can be arranged He said smiling.
Not what was meant
We can take you to Chermside, in fact any shopping centre you like... we can even take pictures to share with people...

Dammit! It's like making a deal with the devil. In your heart of hearts you know it isn't going to turn out quite the way you want L


Vixen B-Ab said...


I know..

lil said...

Who's living dangerously now?