Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bloody Sunday

Sunday is a bad day at work, that is to say no one wants to work it. Well except for one small slave who loves the fact that we have breakfast together and it is only five hours until we are reunited. This Sunday though did not start so well... in fact one rather suspects it was a mild case of food poisoning. Never the less being the eternal optimist one tottered off to work thinking it would have to be finished by 10 o'clock. It seems one was mistaken... in fact He took one straight back home to recover.

The body though had other ideas... it seems it was not content with the chemical cocktail that had already been poured into it. It decided that the day needed to finish with a baaaad migraine. Needless to say nothing much happened around here. Actually that isn't quite true. There were a lot of funny incidents...
Umm... for the record Him going out to get a pizza as one dozed and putting the box on the recycling is hardly "getting dinner and doing the dishes"... whatever He may claim.
But the brain is mush and so they were lost in a haze of illness and assorted medications. And on that note one is going back to bed...

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