Monday, August 13, 2012


We were curled up on the couch finally catching up with 'Falling Skies'. It was also getting late and all one wanted to do was hop in the shower and get clean after pottering around doing housework. Not wanting to miss anything the plan was to nip out and grab the washing off the line and have a shower in between episodes.
But this is the rabbit hole... nothing goes quite to plan

As one moved towards the shower He was one pace behind. In fact as one hopped in the shower the door was opened and there He was.
Pee for me He said
Now some girls can pee standing up... one small slave is not one of those girls. In fact there is very little directional aim in spite of being made to practise over the years... indoors and out. For a change though one did manage to get a visually pleasing arch of light golden pee for Him.
It was so visually appealing that one got to kneel in it while He came all over one's tits with gobs of hot, sticky cum afterwards.

And they say no good deed goes unpunished J

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