Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beginnings and ends

On Sunday mornings we go out to breakfast before one small wage slave is deposited at work. It is usually something fast and generous because there are no more meals coming one's way until the early evening. Being that one is contrary by nature there was a yen for something different from our usual repast...
Do you feel like doing something different for breakfast this morning?
Oh lets go to the markets, He said with enthusiasm. He was chasing a Turkish pide stuffed with meat, garlic and cheese judging by the look on his face.
Umm... it's kinda crowded down there and we have very limited time
Oh it will be fine, was His breezy reply. I'll drop you off near the curb and you can go and get them for me.
You know sometimes one suspects you think you have a slave
Oh it will help you feel more than a series of holes I fuck was His cheery reply
Master is kind, Master is merciful...
Yes I am
And your sarcasm detector is obviously broken.

We were home very late after spending time with our now Sunday night vanillas. In fact by the time He got to bed he had been up for about 25 hours straight and all one small slave wanted to do was get clean and crawl into bed alongside him.
Come round here and make me cum He said.
Mentally sighing one trudged to His side of the bed and took his proffered hard on right handed. As a southpaw it is not a natural feeling and something one tends to avoid because it always feels clumsy and awkward. His hand snaked up inside the t-shirt and sports bra one was wearing to pinch a nipple in a vice like grip.
Ouch! That hurts.
The sooner you make me cum the sooner it will stop hurting He said, tugging and pinching the nipple and making one whimper softly.
Standing there, leaning over held in place by a nipple and unable to get away, one proceeded to give Him the command orgasm.  
Oddly enough any feelings of awkwardness were overcome by a throbbing nipple L

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