Friday, August 3, 2012

The miserable fuckers

As of next week one will no longer be on the Thursday evening shift at work. This has happened because staffing levels have dropped so low that we can't cover the day shift... to the point that if someone is sick we are screwed. So their brilliant decision is to move one in earlier and put an untrained junior in the section for the last part of the day. It's another super idea from a company that prides itself in customer service... obviously from 9-5.

Now don't get one wrong. Much though one does care about the customers, one has no doubts but that they will survive. No, the actual problem is that there will be no more leisurely breakfasts together, followed by sex and a lift to work on a Thursday morning. Of course on the bright side it will free one up to go to the gym in the evening to work off all that spare energy...
Yeah it still doesn't make up for losing all that contact time with Him L

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