Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reprogramming your rabbit

When we first got together He was reading a book about memes... in fact he was keenly interested in if they could work on a smaller scale. Now not being bothered by pesky ethics committees His first project was one small... sex buddy. He wanted to see if he could reprogram certain attitudes one had towards sex. That is to say if He could get sex to link up with emotions... they were somewhat separate states continents as far as one was concerned.

To cut a long story short it succeeded beyond His wildest dreams. A little too well in some ways... He took a person who was a complete commitment-phobe, with profound attachment disorders and turned her into someone who is so besotted with him that sex can't be enjoyed without him. Boy has that one come back to bite Him on the arse on occasion over the years.

Over time there has been the hugely hysterical (to Him and a few of you) experiment with changing one's favourite colour to purple. He still snickers whenever the hand reaches out to something purple. Or worse stands there deadpanning 'oh look it's your favourite colour' like He is talking to a child. He is not as funny as he thinks he is L

Some were unexpected side effects like the time He inadvertently laid in a cough response to him going anywhere near one's nipples. It got so annoying that He spent several hours undoing that one. Well He claims that was what he was doing. Personally one suspects that it was an excuse to harass one small and sick slave. Though one does have to admit the cough response seems to have abated... for now L

He has done a myriad of other things too, most of them far more subtle. See He got better with practise. That is to say He got more sneaky and underhanded. In fact some of it is rather like a Jedi mind trick. In all of it though one can't help but wonder would He still do it if the early results weren't so promising? Would we be here now if it had failed?


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

All relationships have an aspect of this. We mutually and begrudgingly accept reprogramming from the other.

Yours is a bit more out loud, but kid yourself not, it happens to each of us.

ancilla_ksst said...

We're going on with the reprogramming and deprogramming thing as well. First he somehow got me switched from an anti-firearm radical lefty, to pro-firearm radical lefty. Now he's decided that he's anti-guns, after the shooting in Colorado, just near my brother's house, and the one in a temple here in Wisconsin.

Being anti-gun in our town is like being anti-God-motherhood and apple pie.

I still think it would be a disaster to try to disarm the country, but who knows, in a few years what I will think?

He has not changed my favorite color, but he has made a skirt-wearer out of a dedicated anti-skirt person.

Master's piece said...

@Kitty We were just talking about that. In fact we were discussing how the band that our Sunday night vanillas love was originally hers... he hated them. She played them constantly until he got on board :)

@ancilla_ksst Just don't give him ideas :)

ancilla_ksst said...

I am always giving him bad ideas. It's a compulsion.