Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MEO twist n suck

Carefully tucked in an order was a box of these... in six sizes no less.

 The pros:
  • There is something for everyone
  • They come ranging from nipple sized to you could probably get most of a breast in there sized
  • They have a very good grip
  • You can tighten them unmercifully if you are feeling mean

The cons:
  • They can be tightened unmercifully... those fuckers can hurt in the right wrong hands
  • Probably should have been called the lick, twist n suck as you need moisture to form a seal

He tried these out while one was incapacitated yesterday... the vile beast! They are an interesting sensation and had one not been tied up at the time there might have been time to explore them further... rather than being distracted by Him. The body really can only focus on one type of pain at a time... glares pointedly at a certain someone. If you like nipple/ breast torture though these are a handy things to have round the house J


slartibartfast85 said...

No exploring the twist and suck on clit detail? Boo...

Master's piece said...

Dear slartibartfast85, henceforth known as Bus Tosser Extraodinaire (BTE for short), thank you for your suggestion. No doubt He will read it with interest :(

slartibartfast85 said...

I'm glad I could help. Though the process might be a little uncomfortable, I hear that the sensations as you're extra engorged are nice.

slartibartfast85 said...

Also, I hear that taking pictures of the finished product and posting th em on your blog make it even more pleasurasble : ). Just trying to help as usual.

Anonymous said...

Very hot!