Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top of the world

This is a post about sleep and gratitude and butt plugs and sex... in fact one after the other. It started last night when He got up early. In part so we could snatch a few hours together, but mostly so one small slave could go to bed early and get some sleep. It is hardly news that one has been running on empty this week... in fact the smell of the empty tank would be closer to the mark. So off one scampered to sleep for nearly nine glorious hours.

What a difference that makes...
So here one is unbelievably grateful for His kindness and thoughtfulness and for the donation of some of his sleep so one could have more.

It allowed one to step lightly through the last shift and scamper around gathering groceries before we wended our way home. It was in that place that one was cornered and the Njoy was shoved in place...
Stick your fingers in your cunt... How does it feel He enquired?
Very tight... This might not have been a smart answer because one ended up flat on one's back with the ankles wrapped around His neck as he tried it out for size. Yeah for the record one size does not fit all.

As it turned out the arse was much more accommodating. In fact it obliging opened as He forced an increasing succession of fingers in there before shoving his cock in their place. It was while He was buried there, as one lay arse up and struggling to breath in the pillow, his fingers wrapped around a nipple in an ever tightening vice that one had a screaming orgasm.

The assorted pains might have conspired to produce that, but fuck it is going to be sore tomorrow... and at this rate, for most of the days to follow. They say you should always start as you mean to carry on L

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