Saturday, August 25, 2012

The final countdown

The day dawned clear, bright and as hot as an outer ring of hell. It would seem that our winter has started to give up in favour of summer.... and it is going to be a long, hot one it would seem.

It was a day that consisted of intervening between a customer who didn't like our returns policy and the poor junior who got to serve them and yet another discussion about that bloody book. As one commented to the young lady in question, there is a woman in England calling for the burning of the book because of its portrayal of women and its normalising of violence against women. Now, one is completely against the burning of books as a form of censorship, but one could almost get behind the idea if they were burning this one for its crimes against literature. She laughed and said either way the author was still going to be making money...
Damn the young and their clear logic paths.
Though the whole encounter did leave one to wonder if parents realise what their children are reading.

All of these realities faded into the background as one kept thinking this little thought...
After this shift there is only one more to go J

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