Friday, August 17, 2012

Communicating perceptions

On Fet at the moment, one is following a thread with all the fascination usually reserved for a car accident. It's being followed in part because one can't quite figure out if the person who originally started the thread is the most passive aggressive person on earth or if they are a troll of the first order. This one seems to have blended characteristics of The Innocent Troll and The Provocative Troll. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to tell those who have poor communications skills apart from those using it as entertainment.

The thread does however highlight the importance of communication and more importantly, the capacity to be on the same wavelength as those you are talking to. Part of the issues being encountered, apart from the complete inability to hear what the other is saying, deliberately or otherwise, is that the poster in question keeps on joining M/s boards to have their discussions. Their stated belief that they are all "s types" is being received in what could only be described as a lukewarm manner... think Code Red here J

So what is the point of all of this you may be wondering? Well apart from the huge amount of entertainment that the thing is providing and the fascinating insights into what the poster is probably like to deal with... and to marvel at how they have remained alive so long... there are other interesting things going on.
The numbers of the group escalates whenever a stoush like this ensues in a quite fascinating manner. In fact the group has more growth during one of these rounds than at any other time of the year and one can't help but wonder if the owners desire to run an uncensored group isn't a ploy to gain membership. There is also the interesting development that since the group owner has got into a relationship, they have become the voice of reason within the group rather than stirring the pot like they used to. They have also gone back through old threads and cleaned up anything that made them look bad... it must have taken hours of editing... not only of their own comments, but others in reply. All of which makes one wonder if they actually know what uncensored means.  

The thread also serves as a reminder to us all to talk to the people in our lives... preferably in a language they can relate to and if that capacity isn't there to go out and acquire some basic communication skills. It might be terribly modern to think that words can mean whatever you want them to mean... it just helps if people have similar notions on the matter at hand J

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