Monday, August 27, 2012

The first day is always the worst

Well that is what they always say. And it's not true at all. The worst day is always day three... but we will get back to that later...

Today was the first day of our holidays and He has decided that it might be fun to reinstate all those little protocols and rules that have fallen to the way side due to life inserting itself between us.
To that end one is to be naked when making requests of any kind... never a problem except in winter when one is inclined to be huddled in pj's... though He does let one keep the booties on
Going to the toilet needs permission and boy does He ever like to stretch that one out L
Plugs are back to 24/7
In fact He thought it might be fun to take a quick snap of whatever is jammed up one's arse in the coming days... not a suggestion from the peanut gallery... glares at the usual offenders

It is also the first day of a wellness kick so for the next three days there are no carbs in the diet at all. It is the easiest way to ground zero the body's dependency on readily available sugars. To be honest too many white foods have crept into the diet since being unable to go to the gym and although one is well enough to go back, finally, we are holding off. It seems there is a new gym about to open up literally round the corner from where we live and best of all it will be open 24/7. Not having to lug heavy gym bags, be underfueled before workouts and the general drama of trying to sync up work shifts, buses and gym sessions will be fabulous.

Anyway, the no carb thing doesn't worry one overly not being a sweet tooth... you don't miss what you don't crave. And it is only three days before we start putting better carbs back in the body. The trouble is by day three the fatigue and the muzzy head have well and truly taken up residency. Sugar withdrawals are worse than caffeine cravings any day... and they suck beyond belief.
So here one is, firmly back under the thumb of a tyrant and being starved to boot... and it's only the first day L


ancilla_ksst said...

Oh yes, the no carbs. I know that feeling. He let me go back to regular eating last week.

dancingbarez said...

You can do it, I know you can but it is worse than I agree day 3 is the worst. It is tough when those little rules fall to the wayside and then you have to remember them all again.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

For the record, I think when they say the first is the worst, they are referring to sex. Hmmm?