Sunday, August 19, 2012

Negotiations down the hole

It was the end of a long day and a particularly long one for Him. At nine o'clock He decided to pack it in and go to bed. At the time one was in the study... it seemed safer... or at least out of immediate reach. He had spent the evening making one flash on command. Well it wasn't quite on command; it was more on threat really.

Now in fairness the reluctance to perform was tied into the fact it was damned cold. Besides, as one pointed out, it was unlikely that one was ever going to win 'The Good Slave Award', in fact one has retired from that race altogether, so it seemed pointless hopping to it. Sighs yes writing this one can see how that might have not been the best approach to the situation, but in one's defence He was cheating. See He does that annoying 3, 2, 1, thing, except he was starting at two. Apparently the three was silent. According to Him, his way is more expedient L

Anyway back to hiding out in the office...
He came past and ordered one to bed for some put me to sleep sex. Feeling bold slightly suicidal one pointed out that one small slave did have rights. See time spent on Fet is never wasted... beams happily.
His reply?
Yes you do and I am going to trample on them.



Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Flashing on command sounds like fun! Oh, maybe that's just me. I like to flash and do it randomly for no reason whatsoever.

Fet has uses? Other than entertaining myself with the threads you follow, I have yet to find much use there.

Master's piece said...

LOL well one has to justify the time spent there somehow...

Saoirse said...