Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday's arse is full of woe

Well not really... having to go in to worked certainly sucked, but there was an upside... in fact the arse was delighted. See it has largely been left to its own devices of late due to all the illness and whatnot. Like all good things though it has come to an end... it is back on the menu so to speak. Unfortunately, rather like the way clothes never seem to fit when you come back from a holiday, it seems to have shrunk... at least a dress size.

So this week He has spent time gently stretching it back into shape... at least that is what he claims he was doing. The arse is of the opinion that He has engaged in a series of unprovoked attacks against it... culminating in that quoits incident. The aches and pains would seem to bear out its version of events. So it was only too happy to hustle out the door to work and escape its violator J

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Fondles said...

erm, aside from that, glad you're feeling better?? LOL