Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A mixed bag

Today was a day for car rides, lunches, sex and naps... it all sounds very promising doesn't it. Of course as many of you know life round here often has a looking glass kind of quality. Take the car ride for instance... it sounds perfectly harmless. Yeah here to say a car ride on day three of a migraine that just won't go is ambitious to say the least.

Often when we drive along He asks what are you thinking? In this case it was more concentrate on the horizon, ignore that wave like sensation in the tummy. No, you are not going to throw up! Look at the trees... oh that is an unusual colour for a car. Wonder if they chose that off a paint chart and why? Why out of all the colours did they think that was the one for them?
Nothing too deep going on at all...

By the time the car rolled to a stop one small slave was more than ready to disembark. That exit was thwarted by a man who had developed a keen interest in what one was wearing under the dress. It seemed the explorations He had conducted as we drove along needed to be confirmed... visually.

Lunch was strangely similar to the car ride. See when one said well let's go to sushi tomorrow, a thing He has been craving for a couple of weeks now, one assumed the head would have settled down. Well we know what they say about assume don't we L So there one sat watching little bits of raw and cooked seafood on tiny beds of rice trundle past. Need we say more?

Now the sex was awesome. It even took the mind of the rest of the stuff... including the fact that the head and the stomach were competing for the title of most queasy. Though why He thinks the begging skills need to be improved is quite beyond one. To be honest one suspects He just enjoyed the sound of it yesterday... a little too much.

There one is on the cusp of an orgasm and there He is saying no. It was getting very dire and desperate towards the end... not to mention painful. Even when He said cum for me it wasn't that simple. He made one do it a few times... until one was begging him to stop.

And the nap? Ah yes one of us got about 20 minutes before the nausea got going again and the other one of us settled in for a solid four hours. By seven o'clock one went in to poke the bear... it was so fucking unfair that He was just there snoring gently...
There are limits dammit!


trazuredpet said...

Hope you get to feeling better, hugs.

ancilla_ksst said...

My stomach is pretty iffy today too. It calmed down long enough to have sex, then started acting up again. Then Master made me some toast and made me it, and now it's doing ok again.

Master's piece said...

Thank you trazurepet :)
@ancilla_ksst It's strange how the body can only concentrate on one major thing at a time :)