Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Masochism in many forms

The day dawned with a clear head... it was also late. So while one scampered around catching up on laundry He went out to do the grocery shopping. Now He is excellent with shopping... if it isn't on the list it doesn't come home. Unless of course it is some sort of a treat like cucumbers or cheese... as one discovered while unpacking the bags.

First came the three small wheels of assorted goodness and then came a huge wheel. Now being the sharing type the first thought was this has to be for Sunday gaming, but closer inspection revealed that it was in fact a baking dish for the cheeses. Again the first thought was sharing the calorie load with our Sunday night vanillas, but as one half of that pair has a cholesterol level in excess of 50 it's safe to say he will be allowed to sniff only.

So one small slave is out the back hanging up things in the shade and there are all of these whimpering, sighing sounds emitting from the office. Sure enough He was on the computer looking at recipes on the net.
Umm... you remember the last time you ate a wheel of cheese?
No, was the slightly truculent reply from inside
Oh you do. You two ate the wheel of vile stuff by yourselves. And do you remember what happened afterwards?
It was worth it He asserted

The man is lactose intolerant. Why on gods earth does He bring this stuff home?


academicsub said...

Tell him to enjoy away. But get him to eat some of these first

I don't know if that will be a link or you will just have to copy and paste, but being a good slave Im sure you will work it out!

academicsub said...

Well that link didn't work...lets try something else...

Master's piece said...

You know the good slave thinks must get some and the other slave thinks... it's like rewarding stupid behaviour. Stupid is supposed to hurt so you don't do it again. Not that it worked as a deterrent otherwise all that cheese wouldn't have come home...
Sighs off to rat around the shelves at work like a good slave :(

Fondles said...

oh.. lactose intolerant + cheese cannot end up well.

I feel for you.

academicsub said...

Glad you are off getting the tablets. They work a treat! From someone that loves coffee (Lattes even!), cheese, cheesecake and chocolate! Or you could get him pregnant, that seemed to work for me...good luck with that one though.