Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oooh gotta show you these one cooed, flitting through the study all clean and on the way to bed. Pulling a pair of the new knickers out of their box, while He sat there eating breakfast, one tried them on for his approval. He hadn’t seen them when they were bought because... well... don’t laugh... one never remembers to put knickers on when going out, so you can’t try them on. Honestly you have no idea how many times one is going out the door to work and have to stop, turn around and put on a pair. It is a miracle one actually makes it to work some mornings.

Oh those are very nice... what does the bra look like? Sort of the same... only a bra one replied helpfully. Put it on. So it was dutifully put on and one twirled so He could see things, before taking it off and scampering to bed. About half way through the nesting rituals He came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. Touch yourself. He watched while He stroked himself and then He stood, and came all over one small slave’s breasts. Dammit they were clean breasts!


MsSparkles said...

But you haven't told us what the undies look like! Nor are there photos!

I feel cheated ;)

Master's piece said...

You know you are condemning one small slave to the cold night air again... and winter is coming... Bloody sadist!

MsSparkles said...