Monday, March 28, 2011

The whole submissive thing

There is an ongoing debate on Fet about submission. While some would say that you have to be submissive to be a slave, others would debate that loud and long. Now generally one just doesn’t join in these debates... in part they are usually not in groups one wishes to be a member of and well... ones view on the topic is usually not warmly received. It would be fair to say it usually upsets people no end.
So for the record... why one will never be considered submissive by anyone who actually knows one small slave.
The whole submissive thing just requires a different type of person than one will ever be. As far as one is concerned submissive is a personality trait. It indicates a person who is malleable or at least docile and yielding. It is a sad fact the only time one even comes close to it is when He has jammed something so large up ones arse that it is temporarily taking one’s breath away. The rest of the time... well... one accedes to His wishes and not always gracefully, though one does try to curb the worst excesses. OK it is often mid stride, but at least one gets that behaviour is wrong and there is a desire to change it.
Even at work one tends to scrape along the edge of things. Just ask any manager that has ever had the pleasure of coexisting. In fact the only thing that saves the work relationship is that usually one works in corners of places they are happy to avoid. It means we have less contact time and they don’t get to experience how twooly difficult one can be. Even with customers that whole agreeable thing is used to up sales... it is a tool not a state of mind.
The school of thought that one’s persona is a way of hiding the soft inner side, that is just waiting for the right man to bring out, is almost as laughable as the Walt Disney version of "Sleeping Beauty". That is not to say one doesn’t try to be more agreeable for Him... one is acutely aware that He deserves the best one can be. Being in love makes one strive for this as much as any desire for harmony. Not to mention a whole raft of avoidance behaviours... there is a healthy respect there J
None of this makes one submissive though.... not even close. And He comes closer to inspiring it than anyone. Mind you as He says it is a bit like the concept behind "A Clockwork Orange"... you can make someone good, but if they have no free will are they really good or just broken? Submission is not some lofty goal for Him. Sighs you know one can just feel that good slave award slipping a little further away...


xantu said...

There is such a thing as the "good slave award"? OMG... I must start a rigorous training regime immediately.

little monkey said...

You are the little sharp and pointy to my floaty, irridescent soap bubble.

***she sighs as she watches her aspirations of "twue-ness" go down in flames***

Dina said...

In all seriousness, what most (at least those of FL who engage in these useless debates) seem to completely miss is that to be a "good slave" one needn't do anything other than to be subordinate to whomever holds the Upper case end of the leash. Subordinate does not, however, equal submissive.

Gladiators were slaves and they were nothing even remotely close to anything resembling a subservience.

A lot of cultures had entire armies consisting of slaves and those fuckers, too, were vicious monsters for the most part.

To put it frankly, most people are just too lazy to bloody think before they start flapping gums.

Master's piece said...

@xantu... well it is the only rational explanation for all the vying for twooness that goes on

@littlemonkey... it was for your own good... see above

@Dina... smooches the most rational person to ever call one cunt :)

Arianthe said...

Great post, Mp.

That goes for me too.

Ms Demeanor

MsSparkles said...

I repeatedly said on FL that N was subordinate but not submissive, and then watched in quiet fascination as the idea spread and people started saying the same of themselves.... I then noticed however this waned again - I suspect there is not enough titillation in subordination. The fact that subordinate is what I actually like rather than submissive, furthers confounds people.

Dina said...

@Dina... smooches the most rational person to ever call one cunt :)


Well. I could comment on large objects being shoved up your bum, but it seems to be such a frequent occurrence that I'm rather bemused you haven't turned entirely submissive from it yet. >;p