Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

You know what they say about the best laid schemes o' mice an' men... gang aft agley. Why, we often ask. Well the universe has a perverse sense of humor that’s why. Well that and humans are capricious creatures...

This weekend is shaping up to be a shemozzle already. That bloody car is still having fuel tank issues so there goes Monday. A dental appointment for a tooth one has managed to partially shatter... on a piece of toast for fucks sake... has taken care of any free time on Tuesday, and Wednesday is going to be taken over by all the jobs that won’t get done on the other two days.

So to counter some of this one made plans. Now plans are what caused all of this in the first place. We had plans for this weekend, all of which involved not leaving home. In fact we didn’t plan on leaving the bedroom except to forage.  Anyway one looked at the time this morning and thought let’s catch the later bus... the one that just lets us squeak through the door in time for work... and surprise Him.

So one cooked breakfast for one and put on a little bit of extra bacon for He who will do anything for pork products and lay... well more kneeled... in wait for him. He of course came home late... bearing an illicit Benedict bagel from Maccas. Needless to say with high blood pressure He did not get extra bacon with that, and one did not get the fast and furious quickie one was hoping for... though one did get a lift to work. Actually that was not a kindness... the car smells so badly of fuel that it is like being in the bloody tank. See misery does love company and He didn’t like losing that extra bacon L

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Storm said...

Why wouldn't you break a tooth on cake, I mean the universe must keep that perverse sense of humor going and something else just Has to go wrong if your car's having issues right? I said this last week but ummm, better luck next weekend? Really do hope it all evens out with a little less of that humor which makes it so much fun to be human.

It really is all about the bacon. And geeze, it's no fun being alone in misery. At least you could withhold bacon (take the small wins is what I say).