Friday, March 18, 2011

A tightening grip

The collar which was removed a while ago due to the weather, is back on and it has developed a death grip. The trouble with putting on muscle is that it goes on in strange places. Put on shoulder and you get neck muscle as well. Even with back to back programmes and high reps the body is slowly increasing in girth... the joy of that bit of extra testosterone in the body thanks to the PCOS.

So this will be the second collar in the last two years alone. It will make a total of three to date. Not quite the glamorous, romantic notion portrayed by statements like “collared for life” is it L However it is the reality and something to think about when you select a collar*. If your slave exercises you might like to hold off on that expensive custom made job in favour of something a little more budget conscious.

Meanwhile the damn thing is choking one small slave. It is like having His hand wrapped permanently around one’s throat...err no it doesn’t make one feel more owned in case you were wondering. And it is not the least bit sexy... well maybe a little sexual if one thinks about it... very hard. Mostly though it is annoying and the overwhelming desire is to find an Allen key. Bad slave, must stop having these thoughts, must stop having...

* Generally you buy these types of collars ½-1 inch bigger than you need. An inch is preferable for anyone who exercises... you need room to flex a shoulder and the attending neck muscles.


MsSparkles said...

We've had this problem. N used to be very bulked and muscular and so I ordered a collar to fit.... then he got unwell and reduced his bulk and it got too big. So I got him another collar, which was fine until he bulked a little again (the difference on his neck is extraordinary and fast). So obviously I thought, 'well back to collar A then'.... but it was a really heavy collar ( ) and without all that muscle was just far too heavy for him to wear.

No one ever mentions this stuff usually do they?

Master's piece said...

No, it is practical and as we all know these relationships are all about the fantasy ~rolls eyes~