Sunday, March 13, 2011

Breakfast... and not a Tiffany’s in sight

Seated at the usual table for breakfast, tackling bacon, eggs, toast and coffee, one watched the other regulars trickle in. People are creatures of habit and most have preferred seats, breakfasts and companions. And the odd couple are no exception. If people were dogs they would be the greyhound and the English bulldog. She is all soft grey and caramel colours, long lean muscles and graceful form. He is short of stature with a pugnacious jowled face, broad shouldered and lean of hip, and carrying the fat around the middle that is common with that body shape.

You couldn’t get a more disparate couple if you had picked them at random and shoved them together. And they are together and have been for some time is one’s pick. They have that familiarity of long acquaintance... there is no consulting of the others needs as they know them. Watching them one also surmises that it is a good relationship. Talking to each other in an animated fashion over breakfast, there is a lot of encouraging body language and mirroring going on... all positive signs.

In spite of all these indicators of togetherness one can’t help but wonder, what made her look down at him from her lofty height and think there is the dog I want to share a kennel with. There are theories that we choose people who will compliment a gene pool; they bring something to the table that is desired or lacking in some way. If that is the case then what made squat and pugnacious desirable to her? Maybe he has hidden talents or maybe she chose him for the same reason we do any family pet... he had an engaging manner and a nice nature.

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