Monday, March 14, 2011

Up with the lark

There He was, as one stumbled past, in sneakers all ready to go walkies and enquiring if one would like to join. Unfortunately having used a face preparation the night before, that needed to be taken off before sunblock could be liberally applied, there wasn’t enough time as the sun was coming up... how terribly disappointing. So as He shot out the door one scampered back to bed for another hour of snoozing. It was blissful and surprisingly guilt free...

Later that morning one drifted past the office in search of a shower. Come here He said from behind the desk. Stand there, He indicated with a point at a space within easy reach. Pinch your nipples. He slapped the legs apart with nasty sharp little blows. His fingers probed between lips, sliding back and forth. As one tried to wriggle away He said swap and applied a vice like grip on the nipples until one begged to be let go.

Scampering off to the shower with relief proved to be no refuge. One of those horrible cum enemas with soap as a lube, that sting like a bitch for hours afterwards, was administered while one was happily preoccupied in the shower with the art of getting clean.  For the rest of the day we slothed around, delighting in not having to go anywhere or do anything in particular. In fact the achievement for the day was that a little housework was done in between catching up on some TV.

Unfortunately it was also concentrate on the nipples day. At one stage they were reefed from His grasp with a firm no. He pounced, countering that His yes trumped any no. And for the rest of the evening the breasts were squeezed, pinched and slapped along with the nipples. So much for that consent shit that people keep going on about. Sighs people are such liars... L

When the movie finished He sighed with exhaustion and said He was going to sleep... He has been bounced in for a short early shift at work tomorrow... leaving one plugged, aroused and more than a little miffed. Sexual arousal doesn’t always improve the disposition at all for the record. In fact it can make a girl downright crabby.


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