Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We had finished grocery shopping and one scampered across to the bakery for some Pane Di Casa bread and rejoined Him as we went down the escalator to the parking garage. We had the boot open and were putting away the groceries, when one indicated the loaf and said want a peek... it looks divine. He of course immediately pulled at the neck of the top one was wearing to peer into cleavage. Wriggling out of His grasp to carry on putting away the shopping one pointed out that was not the right direction. Whereupon He slid his hand down the back of the jeans one had slung on to go out in.

Moving from His grasp one slid around, commenting that the jeans which had seemed so promising when bought, had relaxed a little too much for safety. He of course had to test that as a theory and slid His hands down the front of them. No they seem fine He said as he slipped in between lips to rub in a distracting manner. Fearing the worst one went to shimmy out of his grasp, only to be caught firmly in his arms while He probed and rubbed all the while muttering lewd things in ones ears.

To the casual passerby we probably looked like a couple meshed together in a passionate embrace... and frankly He wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t think that and one was beyond caring about anything. As the body start to tense He escalated the rhythm and pressure firmly rubbing and stroking until one came... held upright, gasping in warm fetid petrol fumes. He left one standing there, feeling dishevelled and disorientated as He calmly walked off to put the trolley in the return bay.



sweet kk said...


quite hot, if you ask moi :)


little monkey said...

Oh,you poor thing. *smirk*

Donna said...

Oh, I like that very much! Bill tries that now and then, but unless he hurries it makes me start laughing and all is lost. Well, not lost since the result is a bit of spanking when we get it's really all a win-win situation.