Friday, March 25, 2011

Situation normal

When you live something it becomes normal. You accept it, incorporate it and don’t think about it... well not much. It isn’t until you encounter others and their views that you look at your own. To one small slave our life is quite normal. Well it is our reality... how else is it going to feel?

It isn’t until someone starts a thread, like MT did about privacy, that you sort of stop and go... but everyone pees in a bowl don’t they? Just like everyone’s nails, hair and clothing are dictated by their owner’s preference. And all owners snoop through your mail, peer inside you with speculums and bright lights, take pics of you in compromising positions and enjoy posting them in semi-public places. Actually they don’t ‘cos it depends on what the person in charge is into, but it makes you stop and go- oh OK.

You might know in the rational part of the mind that we are all different, but it is often a surprise just how different we are. And it makes you feel a little more of a freak and disconnected from everyone. This sense of alienation is one of the reasons why many owners are in two minds about letting their property on boards. They are a double edged sword in many ways. Yes you get to reach out and touch others similar to yourself, but there is a price. It makes you question the nature of your reality and it sows little seeds of dissent and envy...

Whines they get to use a toilet all the time... L

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