Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spare the rod

There is a school of thought in BDSM that corporal punishment doesn’t work and that if you can’t control your slave by any other means... well you are doing it wrong. And to a certain extent they may have a point... you always need more than one arrow in your arsenal. Besides some do have a thing for physical punishment and it can put you in an awkward position of how much is too much. Slippery slopes... you have to love them.

The thing is corporal punishment does have an upside... particularly amongst the non-masochistic. Unlike some seem to believe, you don’t have to beat the person into a bloody insensate state on a regular basis. In the time we have been together He has only delivered one serious spanking and it was done with his bare hand. This in hindsight is probably a testament to His incredible patience and capacity to take long view... ‘cos one can be kinda aggravating at times.

Now, one can’t remember what the beating was for. That is the downside of physical punishment, especially when combined with a capacity to forget... the mind will protect itself. It did leave an indelible print that if really pushed He is more than capable of going on the offensive. At the back of the mind that knowledge is there, and there is no desire for a repeat performance. Fear does breed respect... or at least a healthy level of avoidance which is all you need for behaviour modification.

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Anonymous said...

Master has said he will use any means necessary to manage (read: "Control") me. He doesn't 'spank' all that much, really. And my latest post was quite tongue-in-cheek. However, I doubt that the rod will be spared if he deems it necessary!