Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing to see here folks

Move along...
Things are still swollen shut.
Though we did try a little vanilla sex... and as He pulled one onto him it was enough to make the eyes water. He sniggered like he had done a good job.

Pain is a funny thing; it is supposed to be the bodies way of warning you that you are doing it wrong or at least that there is something wrong. The trouble is that when the endorphins are kicking around all of that warning system gets a little screwed up. Those sensations get morphed into pleasure or overridden by it and you have no idea that you are being hurt. And even if one is aware sometimes the voice just goes.

There is the odd time when one is literally rendered speechless during pain. It is the strangest feeling. The mouth opens and all that comes out are little guttural sounds that are completely indistinguishable from pleasure. Now we don’t have a safe word and before you get al antsy about that it wouldn’t do any good. If one can’t say ouch that hurts, then one can hardly say fuck off... or whatever the word may be.

Meh, if this stuff was simple any fool would be doing it... ooops J

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