Monday, March 21, 2011

Is nothing sacred?

Every once in a while they feel obliged to regurgitate some bit of one’s childhood. Occasionally they do OK, most of the time it just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Other times you look at it and go why? In this case it is more what the fuck!

We were driving along, to take the car back to the mechanics... again... when He turns around and says I must show you the new Wonder Woman. Whoa back up... what do you mean the new Wonder Woman... there is only one. Oh they are redoing the TV series... it is going to be darker and less camp. Though they are keeping the invisible plane. Yeah, sounds waaay less camp already. There are pictures up of the star wearing the costume... I’ll show you when we get home.

Now the thing you have to understand here is that while other little girls had pictures of rock stars adorning their walls and crushes on assorted male stars, one small slave was jonesing for Her. She was the most fabulous thing on legs... and a great pair they were. Plane not withstanding... that invisible plane thing just didn’t have wings even to a tweenie... seriously if we could see her sitting there flying anyone could have... she was a glorious creature. Your first crush always is... they become enmeshed in your psyche.

So it was with complete horror that one viewed this... On the bright side they did get someone tall... she is about 5 11. She is brunette... at the moment. From there on in... it is just wrong. For fucks sake what have they dressed her in? It looks like stripper 101... Shiny, tawdry, cheap... actually that is an insult to strippers. Why are her legs blue? And her bracelets are a different colour. OK the change in hair style, one can cope with... just. But what the fuck... her boots are meant to be red! Red dammit... was that so hard to get right? Were you hopping that we wouldn’t notice that her legs are blue?

Rocks gently... no good will come of this L

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MsSparkles said...

Ah, that explains why I saw a highly improbably Wonder Woman outfit in Anne Summers today...