Thursday, March 24, 2011

Odds and sods

Going past the office to the bathroom a voice says I like your post. What did you like... the bit about losing the capacity for speech? Yes. You know that was the bit one thought you might find rather disturbing. No, and it is much less messy than gags. Owners... everyone of them a bloody comedian L

As one steps in the shower He appears in the doorway. I want to see you pee and how it is coming on. Um wasn’t planning on peeing... having gone just before when He allowed one to use the facilities while cooking breakfast. Oh that is unfortunate was the reply... in that tone... you know the one. It was enough to produce an unsteady stream that proved one still has no directional aim whatsoever. See that whole peeing while standing is not easy for some of us... in this case made more complicated by the fact that the urethral opening is tucked a little further in the vagina than you see in those pictures. Which is unfortunate in a person owned by someone who likes watersports... and taking pictures of the process.

Later in the bedroom, where one had retreated to cool off after the shower... the aircon was on for Him in readiness for his going to bed... He pounced. Licking one to a quick and unceremonious orgasm, He hoisted one’s legs over his shoulders and forced into an agreeably wet hole up to his balls and proceeded to fuck in long deep strokes. Laying there pinned to the bed one started to go along for the ride. Right up until the pain started to make an incessant incursion into the process. Oww, fuck that hurts forced its way through the lips.

Still sore He enquired solicitously. Yes, and it is not getting any better doing this one grumbled in reply. Oh well He said cheerfully... He had already cum... guess you aren’t getting a second orgasm and with that He hopped off. Leaving one there in the wet spot, sore, aroused and starting to run late for work... again.

Later as one was scampering around tossing clothes into the bedroom so one can get dressed for work, He sings out that He would like a hand job before one goes. It seems that He sleeps better after an orgasm... though why it couldn’t be after the first one rather than the second escapes one completely. Oh right that would be convenient for one small slave. Mutters there is no fair in this relationship at all... er one has mentioned that horny doesn’t always improve the disposition... right?

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MsSparkles said...

Actually I nevereverever have only one orgasm either, two in quick succession is the minimum possible in any episode. One leaves me too far up, and verges on painful afterwards and makes a second essential. Sleeping would be impossible after one.