Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vanilla and bratty

The plan was to watch a movie rather than RPGing... mainly because one of our group is insisting on being a pain in the arse in regards to their character... there is always one L The idea was to use the movie as a training tool to get everyone on the same page. Now we knew that she would be difficult... part of the issue is that she hates playing a male character and she is utterly incapable of playing a strong one. Her lackey, instead of being useful, has ended up hopelessly in love with his master and phobic about breaking a nail.

Needless to say one knocked him unconscious last game because he was a danger to us all. This does not bode well for the rest of the game. So movie... some subtle prompts... they needed to see what the  riding at zero they all took, to trade up on other skills, was going to look like... it looks like a jostling sack of spuds with wings for the record... before they get clever ideas about their abilities. There were some fabulous examples of failed acrobatics and firing as well... and all of it reinforces why you really want to be a male character in this game.

She performed like a trained seal. First she openly declared she wasn’t going to watch it... not a great movie watcher so we had anticipated that move. Then she was going to talk all the way through it. A declaration of bad intent was made... it went on for ages. Honestly this is from a 30 something woman with two children... and she is bright... scary bright. So one ignored her and laid out little treats to nibble during the movie, made sure they were in easy reach of her husband (a huge movie buff by the way) and we started.

Eventually she came out of the study to join us... food treats work for almost anything. She lay on the couch pretending to sleep... we ignored her and chatted about the relevance of the movie to the game. She tossed and turned... we ignored her some more. Her husband looked worried. We ignored him too. He got with the program and settled into snacks and a fun movie. She pouted quietly... the way a dog does when you won’t go to bed on time.

Honestly the whole thing was an eye opener. For starters one can’t imagine living with someone who is so resistant to trying things. Secondly it is exhausting... utterly, utterly exhausting to deal with someone who is like this. How on earth do you live with someone who acts this way? Oh right you deal with them by giving in and taking the path of least resistance or you enjoy it in some way. You would have to; they have been together for as long as we have.

The thing is through the lens of this relationship... because it does colour everything... you can’t help but wonder why people get off on brats. Hell you can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t take charge of this behaviour and corrected it permanently. LOL... one did say living in a BDSM relationship colours everything right? Everyone is fair game, even your Tuesday night vanillas.


Mockingbird said...

She sounds like a real pain. But on the other hand when I play D&D with my friends I never play a male character either. It's hard to get into any game when I have to be a guy.

littlemonkey said...

In our family we have a Guild Wars tradition, all my sons play girl characters, my DIL and I always play male characters(she did put cat ears on her her big bag dude, though). My oldest married son looks so cute in his short skirt and pigtails. Lol!

Sounds like your friend need a good spanking.

xantu said...

Currently at our table, I am having the worst time with players not following their character's alignment and doing things that are coherent with their intelligence or wisdom.

I think if they keep up this crazy stuff I will end up killing their characters. Grrr.... the DM is after all GOD.