Saturday, March 12, 2011


Age is a funny thing... it might get us all, but it does not have an even hand. At work one meets a lot of octogenarians and there is often quite a disparity between them. Two examples are women that cruise one’s aisles at work on a regular basis. As examples they could not be further apart.

The first one, well two really as they are sisters, come in dolled up to the nines. Both are as tiny and frail as little birds under their dresses. And the makeup is plied with a generous hand which can be attributed to failing eyesight. Yet they are with us as testimony to modern medication and aides... and a keen interest in others.

The other customer bristles with vitality. She doesn’t look a day over 60, is on no medication, walks every day at a pace few can match (mall walkers), and still plays tennis regularly. She never watches TV except in the evenings, and does volunteer work because as she says- it is good to have an interest in something other than yourself.

The major difference between these two examples, other than slightly superior genes, is exercise. The sisters never really did it, except shopping which they should get a medal for... they are keen shoppers. Unlike the other lady who has been physically active all her life. Her list of past physical interests is long and varied... actually it is a little exhausting to listen to, and she must have been damned hard to keep up with J

Now what has this got to do with this relationship you may be wondering. Well the weather is getting cooler and before much longer He is going to be dragging one out of bed... literally... to go walkies in the pre-dawn light. So when one is scampering along... pre-coffee mind you... one is going to try and keep that second woman in mind. It has to be more positive than the slightly homicidal thoughts that usually accompany one small and frankly under caffeinated slave.

See sometimes being led by example is not enough... you need to find inspiration in other places J


Storm said...

Pre-coffee?! That's just inhumane.

xantu said...

I cannot help but think that perhaps we can be both, spry and shopping.

Master's piece said...

You have no idea how inhumane... we go walkies along the waterfront... past cafe after cafe... and He doesn't even slow down ~sobs~