Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aspirations of submission

We were curled up in bed, most likely after sex... it is the only time one is really accused of being cuddly... and He turned around and said something incredibly Scorpio. To which one pithily retorted that if He kept it up one would simply go all submissive on him.

An eyebrow shot up... are you actually capable of that He enquired, disbelief dripping in his voice. Why, do you want one to be more submissive? He looked a little nonplussed at the question... as he does sometimes when one asks something so utterly left field. Trying to reframe the question one asked well, do you think one is submissive enough? You're fine He replied dubiously... It's more that I don't think you should aspire to the impossible.

There went the last dream of attaining the good slave award L


xantu said...

I find myself choking on my morning coffee... this is so the kind of conversation Master and I have had on more than one occasion. Master frequently likes to comment about what a "bad" slave I am. But interestingly I know I can "act" more submissive but when I do, I find him sort of poking that proverbial sharp stick at me over and over until I start to growl and snap. I am pretty sure that he does not like me all compliant and agreeable. If I was, then he couldn't complain so much could he... and who am I to deprive him of something he obviously relishes so much.

Master's piece said...

Have to say... liking the logic there :D