Tuesday, June 21, 2011


See this is what followed us home... a little brother or sister to this item. It is called Glass Mates and they are 1.85" (4.7cm) glass balls with a total length of about 8" (13.5cm). His reasoning at the time was that one enjoyed the big version so much that a small one would have to be useful. It would take less time to get in, and be less bother to remove, it would be fun to insert it and take one out with it in. At the time one naively believed Him... no sense of self preservation at all L

In fact one was quite convinced He was being incredibly kind and thoughtful... right up until the moment that a strange look flitted across his face. It was a predatory, cunning look that usually bodes no good for one small slave. That look occurred just as one was saying thank you to be precise, but seeing it one faltered and said in a quiet voice you're planning on using it as an expansion kit aren't you? This is going to be the strapping ball equivalency of Lego isn't it? An add on that will give you bigger rooms?

A slightly guilty looked crossed his whiskers as He confessed the idea might have occurred to him. But really, He hastened to add, it was brought with your enjoyment in mind. Yeah, are we going to take odds on how it gets used first? As an object of pleasure or as an expansion kit?

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littlemonkey said...

Do they give classes in self preservation at the local community college? You might need to take the course ,piece.