Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Decisions, choices and sacrifice

All of life is dictated by choices, even in an O/p relationship, and contrary to the public opinion of some getting the big O or M shoved in front of your name does not actually change that... not really. Today was a case in point. By the time we had made the American style Jucy Lucy hamburgers He has been lusting after... and may one just take a moment to absolve oneself of any blame should He die of the richly deserved coronary... it was time for one small slave to get to the gym. The thing is He really likes to cum in one's arse before he drifts off to sleep... in preparation for the return to night shift. In its self it isn't an issue except doing weights with an arse full of cum can lead to complications... none of them socially acceptable ones.

It should be simple you are probably thinking... His needs come first. Yeah, here is a lesson in reality... One of the reasons one is in the gym is to stave off the annoying side effects of that medical condition and the weights... well they also help keep the degenerative conditions that occur with encroaching age at bay. In some ways the choice is more instant gratification now, over long term gains for both of us. Not quite so cut and dried. So do you know what we did? We talked about it... though to be honest conversations down the hole don't always go the way they could.

Wednesday for us is usually a shemozzle. We get up late after Tuesday night RPGing, totter round, drink morning mouse (well one of us does) and catch up with mail, make and eat one or two meals, have a list of things we want to do, squeeze some domestic things in and run out of time.  The only way you can work around that is to consult with each other because He will junk anything domestic, and then wonder why uniforms or some other little essential doesn't appear as if by magic. Honestly that last jar of fairies one got just aren't up to snuff...

The process went something like this...

So is anal out of the question on a Wednesday He asks, holding one by the collar. No it just needs to be earlier... it's not like you can just slap in a butt plug and hope for the best. Mainly because you can't wear a butt plug to the gym, one good squat and the damn thing will come out like a steel missile... particularly if it's lubed with masses of cum. The arse needs to be operational and tight otherwise it is going to get messy. So ideally it needs to be in the morning.

The best way to do it would be pop one in the shower, do an enema and we are good to go. He looked at one with impish humour. So first thing? Well morning mouse first would be nice one prevaricated. Oh we can do that... it can just get poured straight through the plug instead of water. Coffee enemas are supposed to be very good. Um... kinda like drinking the coffee. Oh it will be fine, you will still be getting your caffeine. Err... but one actually enjoys drinking it... you know the whole ritual thing of a mug and the taste.  Well I guess we could get you to sit over the cup... you can have what is left. That is not what one meant... in fact eww... really not what one meant.

He sighed, making that exasperated sound that you end up using when speaking to someone who should be getting the message. We are trying to save time here He explained carefully. Reefing you out of bed and popping you in the shower for an enema will save time. If we combine it with coffee it will cut the morning in half. But... but... it's morning mouse one wailed in reply. You want to do this before morning mouse. I'm prepared to compromise and do them together He replied, as though it was the most reasonable solution.

Mutters don't think He understands a girl has needs at all. It's bad enough when you get dragged out of bed to go walkies at the crack of dawn pre-mouse. Getting dragged out of bed, slapped in the shower and cleaned out for his convenience pre-mouse is just unreasonable. Do you think it is too late to ask for limits?