Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day of achieving nothing much

It was one of those days which start out with such great promise. Waking up... always a good beginning and as one gets older less of a given. The sun is shining, the birds are squawking... nothing actually sings here. Morning mouse... again superb. Go to the computer, catch up and then get embroiled in a little of this with a couple who are either the most stupid people on earth or the biggest trolls... money is actually on stupid. They are now busy inciting a riot against us on their group... we probably should report them, but by the time the CT's get round to it we will have done most of their work by banning their little friends.

We had a lovely breakfast which should decrease both our chances of longevity, had some nice mutually satisfying sex (yes it does happen even in a BDSM relationship) and He went to sleep. Getting ready for the gym one realised that every joint hurt... even the knuckles (hate winter) and gave the gym the arse, settling instead for doing some cooking. Ended the day with a strange mixture of crackers and cheese... hardly a nutritionally balanced meal.

It is safe to suggest that the day was completely wasted... it was rather nice actually J

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