Sunday, June 19, 2011

What not to wear

The gym edition

Having attended our local gym for a while now it has come to one's attention that some are crying out for help in this department. Now while our walls are littered with helpful advice on matters of etiquette such as...

If you are big enough to lift it, be big enough to put it away
Towels are essential and available from the office if you need one

... what is really needed are more along the lines of...

Yes we understand that you have dropped in after work, but dude... safety vest and steelcaps? Seriously?

Black socks do not go with any gym gear... ever.

Your chunky knit cardigan belongs at home.

Sunglasses that big are a danger.

Using a bandana to keep sweat off your brow is sexy... tying it like Olivia Newton-John in "Physical" is not (especially on a 6' bloke).

Using the straps on your back pack including the waist strap looks odd... particularly when combined with the above bandana.

Leggings that look like jeans just look strangely out of place.

Short shorts should not be worn by men... particularly those doing squats.

Your sweat pants do not need to be pulled up to your nipples.

We understand being germaphobic is difficult, but laying paper towels down on any area not covered by your towel should be seen as a cry for help... that or a reason to buy a home gym.
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SBF said...

How do you really feel?


Mockingbird said...

But sometimes the only fun part about being in the gym is laughing at what people are wearing.

Dina said...

Your sweat pants do not need to be pulled up to your nipples.

~laughs and laughs, and laughs~

That is too funny. Also, I know too many people like this.

Master's piece said...

Funny and entertaining... absolutely. Those shorts and the squats, when viewed from the exercise mats, needed mind bleach :(