Friday, June 17, 2011

This morning

For some reason the bus, which is slightly ahead of time, has started to run "set down only". What this means for waiting commuters is that the bus hurtles past them leaving them looking shocked, surprised, furious and more than a little resentful. For those of us on board, relieved to have been on the early part of the run, it means doing it in record time. We are utterly nonplussed as to why we have been blessed by the transport gods and shown such favour over our fellow travellers, and more than a little guilty about those still trying to flag us down.

We hurtle past the turn off for a shopping centre, and bypass a whole  suburb in the process. Upon hitting the other side we start to pick up the waiting people again. They are blissfully unaware of how fortunate they are. Unlike those left behind they will get to work on time. Finally we hit the train station and venturing to stick the head around the driver's capsule, one asks were you the 7.20 or the 7.35 this morning? Oh the 7.20 he replies, we had brake issues and had to change busses, and this was the only way to meet the train.

That was the train that no one got off to catch and no one got on from... mainly because the commuters (in their smart business clothes) were left stranded at the bus stops to wait for the next bus. The one that will not get them to work on time... which is why they wait for the slightly earlier bus. Such are the vagaries of public transport. It really is a wonder more people don't use it L

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