Sunday, June 26, 2011

One more reason

He woke up last night after a rotten sleep, and standing there drugged and in pain one took a look at his shattered face and said if you like come home tomorrow and just go to bed and stay there. Looking up blearily He said but what about the wait for that bus. Oh it will be long and it will be 5pm before one gets home, but frankly one will probably be in no shape to go to the gym anyway. If you can get some sleep one will take the hit gladly.

So it was a surprise to see Him there this afternoon, looking rumpled and bleary eyed, but nevertheless there. And as always that thrill ran along the spine to see him... that little bam of recognition... the one that says we are back together where we belong. See we are an odd couple... after 14 years we could still be up each other's arses 24/7 and there would still not be enough hours in the day. Couldn't sleep one enquired? Oh you know how it is He shrugged... sleep is for the weak.

Later, when getting up to use the computer, He says what are you going to write about? How mean you are one replied with a smile. Oh typical... no mention of the fact that I picked you up and saved you a two hour trip home. Oh no, that's not as interesting as how mean I am. You know He said, considering one through narrowed eyes, the next time when my alarm goes off I'm just going to roll over and leave you there. Uh huh one replied... just happened to wake up in time to come and get one huh. Looking sheepish He replied, well figured you wouldn't be feeling much better than I was and it is a long wait.

Oh yeah so mean J

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littlemonkey said...

Mean when it counts...not so mean when it are a lucky woman,piece.