Saturday, June 11, 2011

The greatest gift

Around here the greatest commodity is sleep... neither of us get enough. He doesn't because no one on night shift ever does... some wanker always decides to mow their lawn, have a conversation outside your window, deliver something (actually round here they are often unpleasant things so that one is karma in action) or the local school sets the little monsters free. To add insult to injury his work is short staffed so He has picked up an extra shift for the moment.

On the other hand one small slave doesn't get enough sleep 'cos there is no going to bed before He gets up... otherwise we don't see each other and He won't get all those little service things he is so fond of. Not to mention that by the time one leaves for work and gets home it is a twelve hour day often with the gym tacked on the end of it... and growing muscle loves sleep. So there we are, as sleep deprived as any new couple with a baby... and no freaking end in sight L

So one came home, loaded with a gym bag, and toddled down the other end of the house to find presents and a cake. Seems it was the birthday one had forgotten about... really should learn how to keep better track of the days. It was the particularly luscious chocolate cake that His mother makes... everyone has one special thing... that cake is hers. There were also some of the hand knitted booties, in glorious colours, that one is so fond of in winter.

Scampering back, clutching an oversized cake tin, one plopped into the office chair to contemplate dinner... which really didn't get much past cake to be honest, though there was the thought of milk... that must count as food surely. As a compromise one decided to get out of the wet and increasingly cold gym gear and hit the shower. At that moment the glass door opened and He emerged hauling on a dressing gown... a sign of getting up rather than just making a comfort stop. Happy birthday He mumbled, giving one a hug... see love is hugging your slave when they are sweaty and gross.

Flying into the shower to get clean... OK, He took the opportunity to use one small slave as a target to pee all over, but the idea was cleanliness... one spent way more than the councils allotted four minutes in an effort to get warm. Emerging warm and clean we went to bed to curl up and watch a show together, while one tried a few food ideas before settling on cake... sometimes the first idea is the best. Now He probably had all sort of nefarious plans, but as one got warm and the muscles started to relax so did the eyelids... in fact one started to drift off during the punch lines. And do you know what He did?

He let one sleep. He took care of his own lunch, and fed the vile beast others call a cat, and got his own breakfast and uniform, and let one sleep though it all. He traded some of his precious sleep so we could spend some time together, and one could get eight glorious hours of slumber. And round here that is the greatest gift you could ever give anyone.


xantu said...

Happy birthday.

Arianthe said...

Happy birthday, piece.

I agree. Sleep is an excellent gift. :-)

Storm said...

Happy birthday (hey, late still counts). And sleep...It really is the greatest gift of all. A sign of true love at it's very best lol.