Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday with benefits

Wanna see what you can get for my birthday? How long is it going to take to save for this, one quipped in reply. Oh, it's not that expensive and it will benefit you as well. Uh huh one replied doubtfully. Peering at the screen revealed this.

Umm... how is that of any benefit? Well it's encased in leather He replied, in a tone that suggested that should have been perfectly self evident. It will have more thud and less sting... You can pretend I'm a musketeer He added helpfully. Yeah not a fantasy... at all. I can make a Z for Zorro He said, doing one of his pantomimes.

Yeah again... not seeing the benefit of this at all. It's kinda cool though isn't it He pressed. Glaring at him over the notebook one had grabbed to record this little moment on, a raised eyebrow indicated doubt... well more complete disbelief. Throwing a hand over his vexed brow He wailed I try to bring romance... exotic locations... and fantasies. All you do is write in your little book what a nasty, nasty man I am.

You know strangely all one got out of this was the belief that the Z would hurt like fuck, and that the only one having any fun would be him... Oh right... It's his birthday isn't it :(


Mockingbird said...

Well... don't hate me too much but it *does* look kind of cool.

Master's piece said...

Perfidy, thy name is woman

Dina said...

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, after reading and before looking, but then I looked--and all I could do is laugh, heartily, when imagining him gesturing to you exactly how he could use this.

xantu said...

En guarde! Touche!

Master's piece said...

Scratch that... Perfidy, they name is women. The whole lot of you, even those snickering in the privacy of your homes :P